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Peoria Sports Complex, Peoria Arizona



The following policies serve as a guide for frequently asked questions. Peoria Sports Complex Management reserves the right to change any policy as necessary. Specific events organizers may modify the policies below in regards to permissable items. Any questions regarding policies may be directed to the Operations Office.

Allowed and Prohibited Items

The following items are allowed in Peoria Stadium:

  • Bags, backpacks, purses no larger than 16"x16"x8"
  • Factory sealed, plastic water bottles with non-carbonated, colorless water
  • Empty plastic water/sports bottle (drinking fountains onsite)
  • Sealed, single serving juice boxes, baby food and formula for children
  • Small bags containing food
  • Soft insulated bags/coolers
  • Baby strollers & diaper bags
  • Blankets or towels to sit on; bleacher seat/back support (no legs)

The following items are prohibited in Peoria Stadium:

  • Lawn chairs
  • Hard sided or styrofoam coolers
  • Any metal or glass containers
  • Thermos/canteen containers
  • Alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages (other than sealed water or boxed juice)
  • Umbrellas over 48" in arch
  • Bags, backpacks, purses larger than 16"x16"x8"

Guests with medical or other special needs that cannot be met under this policy are encouraged to contact the Operations Office at (623) 773-8700.

For the safety and enjoyment of all guests, the following items are also prohibited:

      Firearms Blow Horns
  Noisemakers Fishing Nets
  Beach Balls Laser Pointers
  Flags with poles Bubble-making liquids/machines                             

General Policies 

CODE OF CONDUCT - No one is allowed on the stadium field at any time without proper credentials. If anyone enters onto the field without proper credentials, he/she will be immediately ejected from the stadium without a refund. The same ejection rule applies for the practice fields. Anyone using obscene or abusive language or causing any type of discomfort to the guests around them will be asked by Peoria Stadium personnel to cease this conduct. If the offensive conduct persists, those involved will be subject to ejection from the facility without a refund.

Baby strollers should be folded and positioned under the railings behind accessible seating in the field level sections. Strollers are permitted on the lawn provided they do not block the view of other fans. Strollers must not impede or interfere with any spectator walking the field concourse or any accessible seating ticket holder.

Banners and signs are permitted at the discretion of complex management. They may not be commercial, political or obscene in nature, nor obstruct the view of any guests or stadium signage. Banner poles and masts are prohibited.

Cameras (non-professional) and hand-held video may be brought into the stadium, provided they are intended for personal use and do not obstruct another guest's view. The recording of any game action is strictly prohibited.

Lost and Found is located in the Operations Office at the main stadium, just east of Gate A.

Pets are not permitted in Peoria Stadium with the exception of guide, signal and service animals.

Smoking (including electronic cigarettes) is prohibited in any public seating area or restroom. Smoking is permitted in designated areas only.

By city ordinance, there is no overnight parking at Peoria Sports Complex.

Alcohol Policy 

Peoria Sports Complex strongly encourages guests to exercise responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages. Fans should be aware of the following policies:

  • No alcoholic beverages can be brought inside the stadium. Any attempt to bring alcohol inside the stadium or possession of an alcoholic beverage not purchased from Peoria Sports Complex concessionaire may result in ejection.
  • Any fan that shows signs of impairment and/or intoxication may be prohibited from entering or will be ejected from Peoria Sports Complex and subject to citation.
    No alcoholic beverages may be taken out of Peoria Stadium.
  • State of Arizona law prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages to persons under the age of 21 years of age. All fans should be prepared to show proper identification if requested by a staff member. Fans possessing alcohol that do not have proper identification when requested by a staff member may be ejected.
  • Concessionaire staff members reserve the right to deny service to fans that show signs of impairment and/or intoxication.
  • Fans providing alcoholic beverages to persons less than 21 years of age will be ejected from Peoria Sports Complex Stadium and subject to citation.
  • A maximum of two alcoholic beverages or 32 ounces of beer will be sold per person per transaction.
  • Alcohol sales in all areas of Peoria Sports Complex will stop at the conclusion of the seventh inning during Spring Training, at the 70th minute mark for soccer, and generally one hour prior to the end of other events. Last call times are subject to change without notice.

Stadium management reserves the right to change these policies and procedures at any time and without prior notice to guests.


All seats are reserved. Each individual, including children three (3) years and older, are required to sit in their designated seat specified on each ticket. Children two (2) and under are admitted free, but required to sit on an adult's lap.

Fans attending any game who would like to lessen their risk of being struck by a ball have the opportunity to change their seating assignment, based on availability. All requests must be directed to the Box Office customer service windows, located in the main concourse, prior to the start of the game.

Accessible Seating is available in the specific sections. These designated seats are for those guests with accessible seating tickets only.

Practice Fields 

All Mariners and Padres Practice Fields have covered bleachers. Patrons are permitted to bring their own portable chairs and shade to these areas, provided it does not obstruct the view of others.

Food, beverage and coolers are permitted in the Practice Fields, with the exception of glass containers and alcoholic beverages. Concessions are open for purchase at select events.

Pets are permitted in the Practice Fields provided they are leashed. Owners should pick up and properly dispose of pet waste.


Should any individual experience discomfort because of the actions of others and wish to seek relief, please report the incident to the closest staff member. The staff member will then seek assistance to alleviate the problem.

For more information, visit the A to Z Guide. You may also email to or call the Operations Office at 623-773-8700.


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